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klaine au: based off this adorable marriage proposal. (it’s the second photo on the page)

Kurt and Blaine meet when Blaine moves into the city to go to NYADA for his freshman year. Their friendship is instant and they start dating only a few weeks after that. In Kurt’s senior year at NYADA and Blaine’s junior year, they decide that it’s time to get an apartment together. 

"We’ve been together for nearly three years," says Blaine. "I think that step has come."

"And if it gets me out of Rachel’s space, I’m good," says Kurt. 

So they look all summer and find the perfect place. It’s small, of course, but suits them just fine. 

As soon as they move in, school really gets busy and so decorating (to Kurt’s dismay) falls to the wayside. They had already figured out what color they wanted to paint the walls in their living room, kitchen and bedroom. They even bought the paint, but every weekend seemed too busy to actually get to the act of painting. 

This continues for a good month before Kurt has had it. 

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prompt: Blaine and his magic hands give Kurt a massage after work.
NC-17 for fingering and a happy ending~ ((and a brief cameo from Bruce))

"What’s this?" Kurt asks when he gets home from a long shift at the diner, eyebrows furrowing at the cushioned mat spread out on his bed. For a second he mistakes it for a body pillow and thinks that maybe Blaine has his own Bruce, but then he spots the basket of oils and lotions next to the bed.

"I know how much you love my backrubs," Blaine starts to say, and Kurt hums at the pleasant memories, the way Blaine’s hands always press so firm that Kurt just turns to putty under the touch, "so I thought I’d give you the full treatment this time. I know you must be sore from work and after… after the way you took care of me when I was insecure a couple of weeks ago, I figured I could return the favor."

Blaine shrugs like it’s nothing but Kurt’s eyes soften, hand reaching out to link their fingers together, squeezing. “Sex with you and your gorgeous body is never just a favor,” Kurt says slowly, surely, “but god, Blaine, a massage sounds amazing. Let me shower first?”

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Substitute [Kurt/Blaine, feat. Bruce] G


5x17 “Opening Night” reaction fic.

Fast forward a few months and Kurt and Blaine are married, living together, and all is well in Kurt’s world.  Except he has the flu and there’s only one fix when Blaine’s away: a certain boyfriend pillow named Bruce.

Sick!Kurt.  Married!Klaine.  Fluff, fluff, fluff.  Katelyn prompted a reaction fic where Blaine walks in on Kurt with Bruce, and I wrote this and realized that it fit the prompt pretty well, so this is for my darling Katelyn.


Also available on ffnet.

~1,300 words

Kurt didn’t need Bruce often after Blaine moved back in. 

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will sherrod: as seen through johnna’s favorite pictures/moments

will sherrod: as seen through johnna’s favorite shirtless pictures


Kurt still sleeps with Bruce when he’s not sleeping with Blaine. Bless him.


Kurt still sleeps with Bruce when he’s not sleeping with Blaine. Bless him.


glee 5.16 Tested

Why do people become actors in the first place, you know? Because we wanna be loved. We’re like a bottomless cup that just constantly needs to be filled with love and validation.